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Conferences 2018-2020:

  1. 2018 – July 30 – August 3 Kioto University, Japan, Director of ERCE - plenary lecture at International Inaugural Symposium for UNESCO Chair on Water, Energy and Disaster Management for Sustainable Development.

  2. 2018 – October 1-5, Ettersburg, Germany, Director of ERCE – special guest at the Ecohydrology Workshop

  3. 2018 – October 15-19, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, Director of ERCE - plenary lecture at the International Symposium of Ecohydrology and Water Security: Opportunities & Challenges from Developing Countries

  4. 2019 – February 10-12, Geneva, Switzerland, Director of ERCE – invited speaker at the Extraordinary Session of the World Meteorological Organization Commission for Hydrology Technical Conference “Future Hydrological Priorities and Arrangements.”

  5. 2019 – March 22, Warsaw, Poland, Director of ERCE – an expert in the panel session during the Conference for the World Water Day „Challenges of Water Management”, Polish Academy of Sciences

  6. 2019 – March 25-31, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Director of ERCE - invited speaker during The Inter-Academy Partnership Science for Poverty Eradication Committee (IAP-SPEC) conference “How can Science and Technology Contribute to the Reduction of Poverty and Inequality”, hosted by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

  7. 2019 – May 12-14, Paris, France, Director of ERCE – panellist during the UNESCO International Water Conference and the meeting of UNESCO Water Family.

  8. 2019 – May 19-21, Katowice, Poland, Director of ERCE – invited speaker at the III International Congress of The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at SGH Warsaw School of Economics (CEWSE) Session IV: Current Global Order under the Turbulence - Challenges and Opportunities, lecture: “How We Can Regulate Hydrological and Geochemical Cycles Towards Enhancement of Sustainability Potential.”

  9. 2019 – June 3-4, Brussels, Belgium, Director of ERCE – Policy Meeting for the AMBER Project “Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers.”

  10. 2019 – June 29 – July 6, Putrajaya Malaysia, Director of ERCE – invited speaker at the UNESCO Global Ecohydrology Demosite Meeting. The Meeting gathered the UNESCO Ecohydrology Demosite representatives, the Ecohydrology Scientific Advisory Committee (EH-SAC), UNESCO’s Chairs and Centres related to Ecohydrology, partners in the Asia Pacific Region and IHP Malaysia local partners, as well as experts from universities and other stakeholders.

  11. 2019 – October 3-4, Wroclaw, Poland, Director of ERCE – invited speaker for the Economy Of A Water City Congress, lecture “Ecohydrology of the city - transformation of water-related threats into sustainability catchment potenetial WBSRC”

  12. 2019 - October 7 Lodz, Poland, Deputy Director of ERCE  - Substantive support and participation in the International Bioeconomy Congress organized by the Marshal's Office of the Łódź Voivodeship and a opening lecture during the scientific session at the Congress entitled "ECOHYDROLOGICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY for increasing water retention in the landscape, absorbing pollution and limiting eutrophication - in the face of climate change."

  13. 2019 – October 14, Warsaw, Poland, Director of ERCE – panellist in the Session “Management and Protection of Water Resources” during the Polish-Belarusian scientific workshop on protection of the Białowieża Primal Forest.

  14. 2020 – March 3-4, Gdańsk, Poland, Director of ERCE – invited lecturer at the Stormwater POLAND 2020 Conference (with over 400 participants) on management of urban stormwaters, opening lecture “Urban Storm Water – necessity for a new paradigm.

  15. 2020 - June 30 - July 2, Warsaw, Poland, Participation in the Programme Committee of the up-coming 6th International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) Europe Congress in Warsaw and organization of a special session "Ecohydrology and Hydroengineering - a framework for adaptation of river catchment to climate change and sustainable future".

  16. 2022- June 8-9, Warszawa, Poland, ECOHYDROLOGY FOR WATER SECURITY - 5th International Symposium of Healthy Rivers and Sustainable Water. 

Activities in Conferences organizing committees 2018 - 2020:

  1. 2019 - April 08-10, Poznań, Poland. The 9th National Conference of Bioindication „Practical use of bioindication systems for evaluation of toxicity of environment and chemical substances.”

  2. 2018 – July 25, Lodz, Poland, Deputy Director of ERCE - Participation in Summer School for China Students: “Understanding Poland: Economy, Society and Science” in cooperation with the Center for Asian Affairs. Lecture - "The innovative remediation methods and techniques focus on phytoremediation and phytotechnologies and solutions based on ecohydrological biotechnologies.”

  3. 2019 – September 16-17, Lodz, Poland, Director of ERCE as a Chairman in a panel session during the European Economic Forum, in cooperation with the Marshal's Office of the Lodz Voivodship, opening lecture: “Ekohydrological background for agriculture and water management adaptation to climate change”.

  4. 2019 - October 7 Lodz, Poland, Director of ERCE as an expert on the Steering Committee of the VII International Bioeconomy Congress and Chairman of the session Adaptation to Climate change in agricultural production, opening lecture: “Bioeconomy – key to sustainable future we want”.

Activities in work groups and scientific committees: 2018 - 2020:

  1. 03. 2020 - Professor Maciej Zalewski, Director of ERCE, member of the Work Group Science and Innovation to formulate the IX phase of UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP). Professor Zalewski strongly underlining on the background of long-term research conducted in ERCE, that water is a fundamental determinant/driver of the ecosystem productivity, which is the provider of a range of ecosystem services, thus in turn sustainability. Presently, there is an urgent need for reversing degradation of ecosystems and changing the recent mechanistic water management paradigm (in which freshwater and costal ecosystems are considered a provider of unlimited resources and a recipient of all sorts of pollutants), into a new holistic evolutionary-ecosysemic paradigm, where catchment is considered a "Platonian Superorganism".

  2. Profesor Maciej Zalewski, Director of ERCE, continued work as the Chair of the National UNESCO IHP Committee in Poland, coordinating national activities if the Committee and dissemination of the UNESCO IHP on the national and regional level.

  3. Professor Maciej Zalewski, Director of ERCE, continued work as the Chair of the UNESCO IHP Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

  4. Professor Maciej Zalewski, Msc. Paweł Jarosiewicz, continued work on the UNESCO Demosities in Poland, summarized during the UNESCO Global Ecohydrology Demosite Meeting held on 1-2 July 2019 in Putrajaya, Malaysia, with a lecture by professor Zalewski.​

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